Rastko Ciric. Rastko Ciric is a neuroimaging analyst in the Satterthwaite lab. Originally from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, he received his BA in Neurosciences from Pomona College in 2015. At the Satterthwaite lab, he implements and develops methods and software for processing, denoising, and analysing functional MR images. His research applies mathematical models to investigate the dynamic integration and synchronisation of neural signals under typical and disordered conditions.  Rastko's CV is here.  

Angel Garcia de la Garza. Originally from Mexico City, Angel joined the Brain and Behavior Laboratory in August 2015 as a Data Analyst. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Mathematics and a minor in Statistics. Angel's work focuses on longitudinal data analysis methods and application of new techniques for data driven heterogenity detection within neuropsychiatric disorders. He is passionate about the application of statistics in medical research and plans to pursue graduate work in biostatistics.