Graham Baum.  Graham is a Ph.D. student in the Neuroscience Graduate Group (NGG), where he is co-supervised by Drs. Satterthwaite and Bassett. Prior to graduate school, Graham was awarded a traineeship in the Genes, Cognition, and Psychosis program at the NIMH under Joseph Callicott and Karen Berman. Currently, he uses tools from network science to delineate patterns of typical and atypical brain development during adolescence.  Specifically, his work focuses on how structural brain networks evolve in conjunction with functional brain networks to support improvements in executive function.





Marieta Pehlivanova.  Marieta is a Ph.D. candidate in the Psychology Department at the University of Pennsylvania, supervised by Dr. Joe Kable and co-supervised by Dr. Satterthwaite. Using PNC data, she is currently working on a project to characterize the neuroanatomical correlates of delay discounting in adolescents, and to relate this brain phenotype to risky health behaviors. Her graduate studies also include work on learning in dynamic environments. Prior to graduate school, Marieta pursued a career in biostatistics at a medical research non-profit organization in the Washington, DC area.  




Cedric Xia.  Cedric is an MD-PhD student in the Neuroscience Graduate Group at University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Cedric is using multi-modal network data from the PNC to map dimensions of psychopathology to abnormal development within specific brain circuits.  Outside of work, Cedric is also a SCUBA diving enthusiast.