Sheila Shanmugan.  Sheila completed a rotation in the lab as part of the UPenn MD/PhD program.  Her work, which was  published in the American Journal of Psychiatry (link), focused on common and dissociable mechanisms of executive dysfunction across psychiatric disorders in youth.  She is pursuing her dissertation research with collaborator Dr. C. Neill Epperson. 



Simon N. Vandekar.  Simon was a data analyst for three years in the Brain and Behavior Laboratory.  He was highly productive, and focused on implementing novel analytic methods for high-dimensional imaging data. Specifically, he described how remodeling of the cortex during adolescence is in part governed by sulcal topology; this work was published in Journal of Neuroscience (link).   He currently is pursuing Ph.D. in Biostatistics with collaborator Taki Shinohara, where he has continued to develop novel analysis methods in collaboration with the BBL, such as a new procedure for subject-level measurement of cortical coupling (link).