Common mechanisms of executive dysfunction in psychiatric disorders

Congrats to Sheila Shanmugan, whose work from her rotation in our lab was published today in the American Journal of Psychiatry (link).  In her paper "Common and Dissociable Mechanisms of Executive System Dysfunction Across Psychiatric Disorders in Youth" she demonstrated using data from the PNC that the ability to recruit the brain's executive system during a working memory task is impaired across psychiatric disorders in relation to the level of overall psychopathology.  This data is convergent with prior reports from case-control designs, which have found evidence of executive impairments across multiple disorders.  Notably, anxious misery symptoms (mood and anxiety) showed dissociable effects, and were associated with hyper-activation of the brain's executive network.  This article was selected by the journal as CME article for readers, and highlighted in the audio podcast.  

It has been a good day for Sheila: her review article on the development of executive function in adolescence was also published in Current Opinion in Behavioral Science today (link).  Sheila, many congrats!!!