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Erica is a proud Washingtonian, born and raised in Washington, DC. She went to Yale for college where she studied Computer Science and Psychology. She initially used artificial intelligence and robotics to understand human behavior but always knew she wanted to apply these techniques to medicine. Her next stop was the NIH, where she spent 5 years in Karen Berman’s lab conducting neuroimaging research with a main focus on women's mental health and neuroendocrinology and simultaneously obtained a Master’s in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University. She then traversed back up I95 to Philadelphia to go to medical school at Drexel. She was thrilled to match at Penn for psychiatry residency, where she joined the research track and developed an additional clinical interest in consultation-liaison psychiatry. Since joining the Satterthwaite Lab in 2017, she has come full-circle, and now uses machine learning to understand heterogeneity in adolescent depression and studies the neurobiology of central pain processing. Outside the lab, she is passionate about teaching, actively contributes to the National Neuroscience Curriculum Initiative and serves as Co-Director for Penn's PGY2 Neuroscience Course. In her free time, she unwinds by teaching Zumba classes at a local community mental health center.

Research-track Psychiatry Resident

Erica Baller




Yale University

Georgetown University

Drexel University

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